Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Savannah and Addelyn's Birthday

Savannah's birthday was on Monday last week, then Addelyn's was two days later on Wednesday. On Monday was ended up in Salt Lake at Grandma Rue and Papa John's house and we had a great time hanging with cousins and eating cake. When I asked Savannah was kind of cake she wanted she said "Sully." I love when my kids depart from princess themes because it seems like that's all they ever want, so I ran with it. After dinner and cake with the Phillips, we went to the airport to pick up Grammy and Grandpa Farnsworth who had been traveling in Europe. It was nice to finally have them home after their 3 week trip.

On Wednesday we hosted a little tea party and of course the girls all dressed up. Hannah, Melody, and Olivia were their little guests. They ate their tea party food, decorated cupcakes, sang, played outside, played a couple rounds of "Headbands" (with a little help from Mom of course), then played duck duck goose and had popsicles while waiting for rides home. Oh ya, and Grandma Rue and my three nephews dropped in on the tea party shortly and brought some fun presents for Addelyn to open. I was exhausted by the end of the day. But at least it was a quiet ending to the day. We had Grammy and Grandpa Farnsworth over for cake and icecream. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of the Addelyn's cake. It was an Elsa cake. I did get a pic of the frosting transfer that I did for the cake, just not the completed cake.

Forgot to mention how the bag holding the frosting burst at the seams and splattered all over Elsa's face. I cleaned it up as best as possible and it didn't mess her up too bad in the end. 

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