Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ballet Recital

This year Addelyn and Savannah were in ballet class together. They loved going every Wednesday morning and I love to watch them and laugh. This year's recital was held at the Ragan Theater again (at UVU) and it was a combination of "Rodeo" and "Stars and Stripes." Our girls were in the "Rodeo" portion of the recital as "Country Flowers."

It's amazing to think back to last year and see how much both Addelyn and Savannah have changed. Addelyn looks very similar to how she did a year ago (only taller) but she's really grown up a lot. Last year she cried all through the photo session, she cried when I dropped her off for the dress rehearsal, and she cried at the mere thought of performing on stage. When it actually came time to perform she got on stage and did great. But last year I seriously considered having it be her first AND last year of dance. This year she had the greatest time ever and loved performing on stage. She held her pose for pictures all through the crazy faces that the photographer did to try to get Savannah and the other little girls to look and smile at the camera. And she even remembered most of the dance. Savannah on the other hand didn't remember most the dance but at least she followed the other girls and looked cute while she pranced around.

It was great to have both sets of Grandparents there to support them. And everyone took turns holding Brooklyn, who behaved fantastically relative to the fact that her bedtime corresponded to the start of the recital.

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