Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trip to New York City

It's been awhile...SORRY... but I can't skip all the great things we've been doing for the past couple of months. So I'm going to do a burst of posts and hopefully you can catch the vision of all the fun we've had.

In April we were able to go visit the Ryan and Shanna and their cute family in New York City. I was a little worried about the flight and first trimester sickness but overall it wasn't too bad (except for the subway, plane, and car ride home which were AWFUL, bummer). The main goal of the visit was to meet our adorable nephew Jace, hang out with the fam as much as possible, and see what it's like to live in Manhattan. I think we accomplished it, we had a great time! We left Savannah home with Grammy and Grandpa Farnsworth (one of the best decisions of the whole trip) and she had a great time there too. 

 Addelyn and Mommy waiting at the SLC airport to fly to NYC. Addie was occupied by the great goodie bag that Grammy Farnsworth had given her to help keep her busy. Her favorite thing was the magnetic princess dress up toy. Addelyn has been on an airplane for a trip to AZ and to CA but this was the first one she was old enough to remember. She loved checking out the airplanes as they took off outside the window. 

Daddy and Addelyn waiting for takeoff. Addelyn was a bit nervous so she was sitting super close to David and holding onto his arm. It was cute.

Kenna and Addelyn wasted no time in getting into Kenna's dress-ups and playing princess. Addelyn sleeps and is very attached to her Belle doll that the Farnsworths gave her for Christmas so she was delighted to see that both she and Kenna could be look-alikes of their dolls.

Out for a walk near the East River. We saw Ryan's work which is right nearby the river then headed over to Kenna's school where her preschool class did the funnest little show about being good to the earth.

Jace playing in the sand at the park. He is a true boy, loving anything involving cars and trucks. One of my favorite memories from the trip was one afternoon sitting on the couch when Dave was holding Jace and Kenna and Addelyn were throwing their dolls in the air and Jace was laughing uncontrollably. It lasted about 10 minutes and was the cutest thing ever.

The girls found the shade underneath the playground and parked to play with the sand. After this trip to the park we had a great time visiting the World Trade Center Memorial.

Coloring shirts at the Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair.

Dave and Ryan at the street fair.

Our little family walking back to the apartment on a beautiful sunny day.

At the Yankee game. It was a very eventful game, not with the players but with the fans around us. To make a long story short, a guy from the row in front of us was on the brink of a full out brawl with a guy from the row in back of us, but luckily security broke it up first. So there was just a lot of yelling and threats. It's a funny experience now but at the time I was a pregnant, emotional basket case being caught in the middle of the drama. Ryan is a super Yankees fan and he's never seen as much excitement at a game as we saw that day. It made for a funny memory. 

I'm lame and didn't get a picture of all of us together at any point in the trip (and I even forgot my camera at the Yankee game) so here is a cute pic of the Farnsworths we went to visit.

Taking the subway to church. It was really fun to see their church building in Manhattan (beautiful) and to see the trek they make to go to church. Well worth it. :)

The beautiful view from their huge apartment window. Actually this is just a partial view because you can see lots of stuff from different angles, but I liked this view.

Out on a walk around the World Trade Center area. It truly made us appreciate the beauty of the city, the sacrifice that so many made that day on 9/11, and the ever changing nature of a city that so many love.

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