Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This year we played it low key for birthdays. Savannah's was on Mother's day so we were at Grammy and Grandpa Farnsworth's and I piped an Elmo face onto the cheesecake for dessert. We gave her a couple little presents but waited till two days later on Addelyn's birthday to give her the scooter. Addelyn got a bicycle for her birthday and she was overjoyed, it was top on her short list of wishes. 

It's near impossible to get Savannah to sit still for a picture. I had a 3 second window and I snapped this picture on the last second. They're in matching outfits from Grandma Rue.

 One of Addelyn's birthday presents from Grammy was a special date to go to lunch on her birthday and a little shopping trip. It was a great idea and made Addelyn feel so special.

 I caught Savannah poking into the cake and eating it while Addie and I were turned the other way making Tinkerbell.

 Tinkerbell after we were done designing her and before she went onto the cake.

 I got a crazy headache in the afternoon of Addelyn's birthday so David and Addelyn finished the cake. Addie went wild on the sprinkles, but overall they did a great job finishing it.

 Blowing out every last candle. How crazy that she's 4!

 The next day Addelyn couldn't wait to show Daddy her skills on her bike. 

Helmet head. 

 Savannah was surprisingly good at riding her scooter. But she got a bit distracted by the water in the gutter and wanted to play with it. Yuck.

We can't even snap a picture without her picking her nose, what a two year old!

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