Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random May Days

 Here are some pics from our random May fun.

 My flowers came up! I was so excited when my hyacinths and tulips bloomed. Addelyn and I planted them last Fall and we weren't sure they were deep enough to grow. We were so proud, they looked beautiful!


 Savannah is obsessed with David's ipod. She loves to watch her little Elmo podcasts. On this particular day her spot for watching was a little dolly potty. 

Two happy girls in the car. This is what we like to see. 

She LOVES the monkey bars at the park.

Savannah is really into the slides these days. She'll go over and over and over. 

Snack time! They were saying funny things and laughing at each other, I just had to snap a pic. 

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