Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Addelyn's Dance Recital

Addelyn's dance studio was performing Hansel and Gretel this spring and her little class were performing as gingerbread girls. But, when we tried going to the rehearsals where all the dancers come together and perform (there were several of these so they could pull the whole show together), she crashed. She was super shy and she wouldn't even get out on the dance floor, she just clung to me. Afterwards when we did photos she just cried and cried and wouldn't stay on the set with the rest of her class.

So I gave up. Then her dance teacher talked me into trying again, at least try the dress rehearsal.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the day of the dress rehearsal at the Ragan theatre at UVU Savannah was throwing up so I had to send Addelyn with a friend. I was shocked when she got home 5 hours later and my friend said Addelyn did great and actually performed up on stage with the rest of her class. I was so excited and she was excited. telling me "I'm brave now Mom!"

The next day at her dance recital she did the same thing, followed her class up on stage and did great! I was so happy for her.


Glenn Family said...

Criss-I love the picture of Dave and Addie. Such cute pictures! I LOVED seeing all the cute girls perform. Tim told me he did like seeing Mary perform, but his other favorite part was watching the tiniest girls. ;)

Ryan and Melissa said...

Yay! So glad she did it! So fun to see you guys, we miss you!