Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Easter at our house is a two-day celebration. On Saturday we celebrate springtime and the Easter bunny fills up the girls' baskets, we have an egg hunt, and we play like crazy. The Easter bunny brought Addie a jump rope, garden tools, a writing-practice book, and of course some candy. Savannah got some sand toys, a no-spill bubble bucket, and candy. After our fun at home we headed off to Grandma Rue's and Grandpa's house. Unfortunately, we couldn't find our camera in time to bring it with us to the Saturday extravaganza at the Phillips' house so no cute photos. We had a feast for lunch, an Easter egg hunt, and lots of fun in the beautiful sun.

Then we had to hurry home so I could attend the broadcast of the Young Women General Meeting. It was a great program! Be sure to read the talks in the Ensign next month, they were so good! Dave was, as always, a great daddy and hung out with the girls at home while I was gone.

Sunday was nice because we got to focus just on the Savior and how meaningful the Resurrection is for our family. We had some really great lessons at church and it made the day a very spiritual and reflective day. In the evening we all piled into Grandma Rue's and Grandpa's truck and rode out to Vernon (a tiny town about an hour west of our house). We visited the cemetery and put flowers on my Grandpa and Grandma Yates' grave.Then we headed back as the clouds were gathering and it was getting late. We took the long way/dirt road home and it was an adventure with Dave driving...but we survived and had a fun time in the car together.

 Here are the girls in their Easter dresses.

Addie really wanted to take a picture on the sidewalk with the road in the back, so I took it. Too bad this is the one that turned out best with both girls actually looking at the camera. 

The girls loved their dresses that poofed out so well when they twirled. So spent a lot of time running around and twirling on Sunday afternoon. 

When you tell Savannah to smile she breathes heavily through her scrunched up nose so can see her teeth. I think that's the only way she can figure out to show her teeth.

We tried to get a picture of just Savannah and her dress, but this is the best we could do. She kept running away or stuffing crackers in her mouth.

Grandpa Phillips and Savvy.

Addelyn and Grandma Rue, hanging out and eating a little dinner on-the-go.

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Ryan and Melissa said...

So cute! I love their dresses! Can't wait to see them again soon!