Sunday, March 10, 2013

Funny Kids

February in Utah has been COLD in Utah. We're soooo looking forward to spring and being able to get outside. We pretty much spent the month of February indoors or in the car on the way to an indoor activity somewhere. Too cold to hang out outside for too long. We had lots of playdates and lots of fun at preschool and dance. Here are some random pics of our crazy girls.

Addelyn, all dressed and ready to go as Daddy's date to a wedding one Friday night.

Addelyn was overjoyed to open the package she got from Grandma Rue for Valentines Day. There were lots of yummy goodies inside. Thanks Grandma Rue!

Addie has been growing out her bangs but it makes it difficult when she "doesn't want her hair done." So we decided to do her hair in braids for a couple days so we wouldn't have to deal with bangs all over her face.

She started asking "are you done yet" after the first braid so I did bigger chunks of hair and less braids rather than a ton of little ones.
We hung out with Grandma Rue and Ava on Valentines Day and laughed at a lot at the funny things Ava would do. She loved these little Disney masks and would keep them on for a long time (for a 1 yr old that is). We couldn't stop laughing at the Nemo mask that she just loved.

Addie loves her BYU cougars and was happy to steal Daddy's beanie and wear it for awhile.

One happy, one grumpy...

I forgot, we did go outside shortly to break a pinata to celebrate Ava's 2nd birthday.

Unfortunately, it was muddy outside and I didn't notice when I ACCIDENTALLY STEPPED ON A DEAD RAT! It was the grossest thing ever when I looked down and realized what i had stepped on, I screamed. Then since my lame-O brother (I still love you Torren) wouldn't come outside and bury the thing and David was inside watching a basketball game, I did it myself. I was quite proud of myself. With it's tail that thing was over a foot long. Yuck!

Ava was so cute opening her presents. As most kids do, she was enthralled with the wrapping/tissue paper more than the present. Until she found the playdough, they that's all she wanted to do.

Savannah banana, she's growing so tall!

Savannah always like a good body slam. Addie thinks it's funny... most of the time. She was dressed in her Unicorn costume and had her baby tucked in the front like a Kangaroo baby. 

Addelyn wears pants about twice a month so I had to snap a picture. We think she looks so cute in them because we only see her in dresses. She looks so tall and skinny in pants, it's a different look for her.

And just for fun, here are a few videos:

Savannah in the morning

Singing in the car

My favorite part of this one is the faces Addie makes while she's dancing.


Jen said...

I love those videos! I could watch them all day - that's so fun they have each other to play with! I love that Addie nearly clotheslines Savannah in the dancing video ha. You do such fun things with them, I'm excited to see you all again soon!

Glenn Family said...

Mary pretty much LOVED the videos...I am pretty sure she wants to watch your kids sometime. :)

Ryan and Melissa said...

Those videos are so cute... I need to post more videos. They show so much more!