Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas in Review (Part 2)

After spending Christmas eve and Christmas morning with the Phillips, we headed back to Utah county and spent the rest of the holiday week with the Farnsworths.

Grammy and the girls on Christmas.

Addie doing Belle's lipstick with her new princess lipsticks

Doing Olivia's lipstick now.

The Farns on Christmas.

Savannah loved hanging with her Great Grandpa Farnsworth. 
She kept climbing up on his lap to be held for awhile then climbing down to run around.

David with one of the photo books I made for Christmas.

The Farns clan after Christmas dinner. It was a VERY GOOD dinner, thanks Debbie!

On December 27th is when we finally had more family members in town and we pretended it was Christmas again and opened all our presents from each other. It was awesome because it was two holidays in one for me, Christmas and my birthday! I got lots of presents. :)

Nanny was kind enough to include me in giving all her granddaughters a piece of her jewelry for Christmas. 

Grammy sewed all the girls their own princess dresses for Christmas. They were all so excited and I can tell you those dresses have been worn often in the month since then.

Baby Liam. Isn't he such a cute baby?! He was 2 months old at Christmas time I believe.

Girls watching Grammy's iPad after an exhausting day. 

For my birthday we went out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with the whole fam. It was yummy.

Brad & Debbie at dinner.

Grammy helping Savannah bowl. What a nice Grandma.

Cheesy Savannah, playing amidst the bowling balls.

Melissa and Liam, so cute!

The whole Farnsworth Family (minus the New York Farnsworths that we missed a ton this Christmas time), BOWLING.

Our pro bowlers.

Addie would get so excited when she knocked down pins. She'd throw her arms around me afterwards and be so happy.

Rebecca and Olivia, happy bowlers.

Since we enjoyed such a white Christmas time we thought we'd take advantage of the snow and have some fun in it. Lucy and Olivia (above) helped decorate the snowman. They didn't know what the pipe was, but they were willing to stick it in the snowman's mouth nonetheless.

Tim, he makes me laugh.

Tim pulling Jen on the sled. He even managed to get her up to high speeds and accidentally whiplash her into the bush.

Ryan pulling Lucy on the sled. He was much gentler when pulling her than Tim was for Jen.

G&G with the kids.

 G&G with the girls.

Our sweet little bundles of pink. Don't they look warm?

For New Years Eve we all met at the Ryan and Rebecca's house and had an awesome party. Here's a pic with Grandpa and Grammy with the grandkids before they went off to bed.

Once the kids were tucked in and the football and basketball games on TV were all over, we played some hilarious Minute-to-Win-It games that Jen and Tim prepared. 

Melissa is concentrating on trying to get the ping pong ball to bounce then stick to the peanut butter bread.

Tim is showing us his mad skills at getting a quarter into the prongs of a fork.

We love the Farnsworth Family!!!

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