Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas in Review (Part 1)

Now that Valentines Day is almost here, I guess I should do my post about Christmas. ;)  I keep putting it off because there's so many activities and photos that we did that I wanted to write about. It was so daunting I just procrastinated, over and over. I finally convinced myself to write this post by deciding to be short and simple in my review.

December was very stressful for me. I wanted to get everyone a gift that would show them how much we loved and appreciated them. I don't think I totally succeeded, but at least I tried. And in the end, the time with family was the most memorable and important thing anyway.

For this post I'll cover the first part of our Christmas holiday, which we spent with my family. We spent Christmas eve at my parents' house in Salt Lake, hanging out and eating good food. It was snowing like crazy when we were packing our car to go, so we decided to pack overnight bags and all our Christmas presents and make it a sleepover. Dave, Addie and I all slept on the floor in the TV room. In the morning I went upstairs to "make sure Santa wasn't still in the house" because Addie was excited about getting presents from Santa but not about possibly seeing Santa if he was still dropping them off. We had so much fun watching her as she went through all her presents and showed them to everyone. She was so excited Santa knew about the princess shampoo she desperately wanted and that he got it for her from the store. What a precious girl. And as for Savannah, she loved her $5 toy I got from Kid2Kid (consignment type store) that sang songs and had animal sounds...1 year old's are great that way.

Here are some pics from our Christmas time with the Phillips.

 The girls in their new pj's on Christmas eve.

 Addie's presents from Santa.

 Dad, Carrie and Casey on Christmas eve. I laugh every time I see this picture... at least I got a half smile from my Dad, the others protested.

Lara and I on Christmas. Thanks for my new hat David!

 Girls in the morning. Addie got a barbie set from Grandma and Grandpa. 
 Evan, Lara and Josh. We took advantage of every moment with them before they went back to Arizona after the holidays. We miss them!

Tawnya and Torren on Christmas.

 Grandpa and Grandma Rue with all their cute grandkids.

Family photo that was taken while we were all together for Christmas.

We love our Phillips Family!!!!

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Evan and Lara Ricks said...

I really really love love love to see all your adventures. Makes me smile and think about you even more throughout the day. Those girls are so adorable and you're family looks so great. We love you from ARizona!!!!!