Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and Family Night in SLC

I'm taking this opportunity to write while Addie is still sleeping in her carseat after our trip to Salt Lake. We went up to SLC tonight (for the second day in a row) for a going-away party for my cousin Stewart who will be deployed again to Iraq this week. What a great guy! We appreciate all he's doing to serve us and our country.

We were up in Salt Lake yesterday for Father's Day at my parents and had a great time. We successfully had dinner in the backyard but our root beer float dessert got a little crazy when it got windy. This June weather in Utah has gotten a little crazy so we shout hurray for any little rays of sun we can get (especially me, I shout hurray for ANY sun I can get because I'm indoors all day and have gotten a very pasty white color).

Our Addie May is doing very well. She still has an addiction to cuddling and wants to be held all the time. Our skill at one-handed work is improving. She still has her hair and looks about the same, although she's getting a case of the baby acne. It seems to be getting worse, maybe seems nervous about meeting Grandpa and Grandma Farnsworth and her tan relatives from California (that's Ryan, Shanna, and water loving Kenna). To tell the truth it's hormones that cause the acne (so the doctor says) so hopefully those will stabilize soon. We hope this isn't a sign of what's to come in her teenage years with crazy hormones and drama. :)

Here are some pics of Addie with her Auntie Jen. Jennifer was super helpful holding Addelyn whenever she was home so I could pack up boxes, do laundry, or dishes. Thanks Jen!

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