Sunday, June 21, 2009

what a weekend...moving

alright, i am attempting to write this blog using only my right hand because i am trying to put addie to sleep with my other hand. it is very hard for her to go to sleep without being held.

OK, she might let me write this blog now using two hands.

This weekend sure has been a long weekend for Crissi and I. On Thursday, after I got off work, the Tirrell's (a family in the ward) helped us move our big stuff with the trailer that they have. We were able to get our bed, dressers, bikes, and all other random things that would be too big to take in a regular car. On Friday, I took the day off from work for my birthday. Even though my birthday was last week, they let us take a day off with full pay for our birthday. So i decided just to use that day when we moved.

So now we're almost all moved out of the Farnsworth house and into the Workmans. Although it's more like chaos in the Workman house than actually being moved in. From now on I'll refer to the Workman's house as "ours" and Mom and Dad's house as the Farnsworth house just to make things simple and you'll know what I'm talking about in the future. I'll think we'll have many new and happy memories in this, the Workman's/our house.

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