Monday, June 22, 2009

Dave's Birthday

Dave is now 25 (as of June 11th) . YAY! I couldn't let this great occasion go by without blogging about it and posting some pictures. Better late than never.

Unfortunately Dave still had to work on his birthday so he didn't get very much of a rest from everyday life. But we tried to make it special by decorating the house with streamers, putting pictures of him all over the refrigerator, and telling him how great he was all day. And we at least gave him his choice of entertainment that night. He chose garlic chicken pizza for dinner, an NBA game, and some rented movies. After the Kelly Clarkson concert and the NBA playoff game Melissa, Jen, Rebecca, and Ryan and I all gathered to watch Dave blow out the candles on his cake eat some cake and ice cream.

In the pictures Dave is sporting the new black shirt he received for his birthday. Some of his other presents included a digital watch to help him time his running to train for a half marathon, a purple dress shirt, new shorts, shirts, a restaurant gift certificate, and a couple pairs of flip flops.

During the movie Forever Strong that we all watched together Addie fell asleep cuddling with Rebecca and ended up sleeping for three hours. That's a rarity for Addie so we've agreed to let Becca hold her WHENEVER we're together because she apparently has a magic touch.


Becca said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted these cute pics! I hope Dave had a good birthday, because we all got to enjoy the festivities, so we sure enjoyed it! I would love to hold Addie every time I see her, I love that little girl!

Ryan and Melissa said...

So fun! I'm glad I was there! And I will be there again so soon... love you guys!