Monday, September 9, 2013

Ragnar, Princess Festival, Heber, and more with the Farnsworths (June)

I missed blogging about our fun in June with the Farnsworth Family. It was the first time in a year and a half that the entire family was together and we made good use of it. Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying myself that I didn't take any pics, so I had to borrow all the pics in the slideshow from Debbie and Melissa, who took some great ones (thanks).

Here are some of the activities we did.

Ragnar: Melissa organized a team of Farnsworth siblings and extended family to run the Wasatch Back Ragnar. The race occurred over a Friday and Saturday and by the time they came home the entire team was exhausted. They had a great time though and pulled a great time, placing 44th out of 1100 teams.

Princess Festival: While the Ragnar team was away the rest of the girls went to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point. The little girls had so much fun and loved seeing all the different princesses. They loved collecting autographs and getting photos with the princesses.  

Heber House: Dave's parents rented a house in Heber and we all stayed there for a couple days. While we were there we visited an awesome park in Heber, the boys got a game of golf in, we rode the "T-Rex" UTV around the neighborhood for some local sightseeing, and of course hung out and played games with the family.

Misc Activities: Visits to the park, dinner at Cafe Rio, swimming at the Jackson's pool, visit to the splashpad at Riverwoods and the Provo Beach Resort, Granny's restaurant in Heber for shakes, and more.

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