Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Festivities

I've decided holidays are so much more fun when you're around kids. They get so excited about things and it's contagious.

Thursday, October 25th was our ward party. The young men and young women were in charge of games so as a YW leader I had lots of things on my to-do list to get ready for the party. I have to say face painting was my favorite of all the games and activities because Addie decided it was so much fun (only after watching me get my face done first) that she wanted things on both cheeks. She came home with a heart and a rose, perfectly done by the miamaids.

We usually like family themes for costumes but decided to make it easier and do the themes in pairs. Addelyn was Belle and David was her prince. Savannah was a flower and I was a butterfly.

The following Monday we hung out at Grandpa and Grammy Farnsworth's (Brad and Debbie), had dinner, and carved pumpkins. The Jackson family was there too and we carved some great pumpkins. The Jacksons did a ghost, G&G carved a "welcome" into their pumpkin, and David carved "WF" (stands for Wells Fargo) while I picked out pumpkin seeds. I think my husband is the quirkiest of us all. ;)  He claims he only did the "WF" when his attempt at a cat failed, but I don't know if I believe him. I have to get my hands on pics from this event since I didn't bring my camera with me, so I'll post these later, sorry.

On Halloween day Dave and I switched off taking the kids trick or treating while the other one stayed home to pass out candy. With Addie being such a timid girl I was wondering how she'd react to trick or treating when it was actually time to go. Turns out that she can have her brave moments. On my route there were lots of houses with awesome and spooky decorations. Addie knew that those houses were giving out candy though so she was motivated. She always wanted to say "trick or treat" together and she would very quietly say "thank you" when she got candy. Savannah on the other hand was ready to shout "hewwo" to all our neighbors and would say her little "please" on when she was suppose to say thank you. Savannah had her two little arms wrapped around her candy bucket and would only remove one hand to pick out a piece of candy, put it in, then hold the bucket again. I think I came home almost giddy because it was such a fun experience to see their faces and to see Addie be so brave. Plus I love our neighborhood and all our sweet neighbors, it was fun to see them around in the neighborhood and to visit each house.

Dave had a pretty good time taking the girls out too.  It was on Dave's route that the kids came home with King size Hershey bars, holy cow. Needless to say David has been the one eating all Savannah's candy and both the girls' king size candy bars.

The weather was perfect for being out and about, apparently one of the warmest Halloweens that Utah has seen in years. It's crazy to think that on the east coast there was a super storm spanning multiple states while we're experiencing warm, sunny days in Utah. 

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