Monday, October 15, 2012

The Sand Dunes

October has been a great month for cooler weather in Utah and we've enjoyed lots of fun activities.

A week and a half ago I packed up the girls and we went to the Little Sahara sand dunes with my Mom and nephew Ben (Dave was hard at work while we went to play). We met my cousin Michele and her family there and had a great day playing in the dunes. Sometimes the dunes can get crazy with ATV's all around but we found a great spot that was fenced off so the ATV's couldn't come where we were playing (thank you recreation management people who thought of people like us and built it!). We took sleds and were minorly successful and sledding down the huge hills. I say minorly because the sleds moved slowly so it was like slug-sledding; not exactly a thrill ride for adults but perfect for the kids. Savannah loved sliding down the hills backwards on her stomach. You could track where she'd been by the slide marks. The weather was perfect too. It was sunny but slightly cloudy and breezy (the sand dunes is windy much of the time) so the sand wasn't too hot to walk on barefoot or play in. It was a great workout walking up all those hills too. It's like a stepper because you sink into the sand. I could really "feel the burn" in my thighs when I trekked up the hills holding my 25 lb Savannah.

The girls and I made it home in time so that Dave and I could go to the football game, BYU vs Utah State. My sister and her husband came down from Logan to come to the game with us. They got some funny looks from Dave's family when they cheered for Utah State, but we loved having them there. Afterwards they stayed over at our house and we got to hang out the next day, have brunch, etc. It was great!

This last weekend Dave and Addie enjoyed a little Daddy-Daughter date to the BYU football game. Addie was a trooper and stayed the ENTIRE game at the request of her Daddy. Savannah and I stayed home and dug out weeds from the backyard, then spread our grass seed and starter fertilizer. We're only doing half the backyard for now to see if we can actually get the grass to grow. We hope it works so our girls can run around on the green grass outside next summer instead of our green carpet downstairs.  I think next time Savannah and I will do something more fun for our Mommy-Daughter activity. 

Here are some pics. from the sand dunes and the weeks since then.

General Conference Sunday, all dressed up to go to Grammy and Grandpa's house. 


Glenn Family said...

Crissi-I love the picture of Savannah on her belly in the sand. ADORABLE!

Evan and Lara Ricks said...

Oh my word those pica are adorable. I think savy looks lie josh.oh I want to come see you!!!

Jen & Tim said...

Oh my look at your cute family! This was such a great update. I can't believe how long Savy's hair is! Look at those piggies! We miss you guys, hope everything is well!