Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Labors

This Labor Day weekend was exhausting! We spent Saturday at my parents' cabin property working on various projects then came home early so Dave could help a family move into a house in the neighborhood. After a nice break on Sunday (that included me taking a 5 hour nap and David taking care of the girls) we drove back down to the cabin and worked some more all day cleaning up. It's dirty business cleaning up an area that just had a fire, then a couple days of rain. By the end of the weekend we were super tired and super dirty. But we made some good memories. :)

 Dad, cutting off some dead limbs near the trailers.

 Savannah was exploring the dog food, luckily I caught her before any of it made it into her mouth. 

 I picked out a nice "small boulder" to go in my flower bed at home and Dave and Torren were nice enough to haul it for me. Super strong men!

 Those are grapes in her mouth, about 3 of them. 

 These kids LOVE playing on the 4-wheelers, even after they're loaded into the trailer. 


Jen & Tim said...

I love all the posts! So fun, your little girls are growing up too fast! It looks like you guys are having an eventful end of your summer. I'm excited to hear more about Addie's dance class :)

Brad and Debbie Farnsworth said...

Looks like Addie certainly had fun in the dirt! Sweet girlie!

Ryan and Melissa said...

Fun and dirty! Addie is so stinking cute in her leotard and tights, I bet she had a great time. Thanks for all the updates, we miss you guys!

Angela said...

Hey Chrissy, I just checked in on your blog and had to say how much your family made me smile. You do such a good job at being such a good mom/wife. I look up to you :) And the picture of Addie with the dirty face is such a keeper!