Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Updates

Savannah: Savannah, or "Mannah" as Addie now calls her, is recovering very well from her surgery last week. She's our little trooper. She's gaining weight like it's in fashion (which it definitely is because chunky babies are the cutest) and now touts a heavy 13.5 pounds. It took her till right around 4 weeks but she's very responsive now. She loves to interact, is super smiley, and when we sing to her it looks like she's trying to sing along. The only downside to how much she loves to be with us is that then she wants to be held all the time. I'm working on getting her to at least sleep without us holding her, that should free up quite a bit of our time.

Addie: Addelyn and I had a great time playing tea party today on the patio. She has a great imagination. She loves to have water when she plays with her little dishes and pour it from her little pitchers into the cups and bowls (hence playing on the patio rather than inside because she gets water everywhere).

She's also perfected the art of "throwing a fit." Since Savannah has joined the family Addie knows she has to be louder and more attention-grabbing so she's stepped up her game. I have to say that overall she's such a good little girl though. She talks to "Mannah" in her high pitch little voice, mimicking how we talk to Savannah in our "baby voices." I have to tell her to only kiss Savannah quickly because she loves to kiss her and just keep her lips on her head forever, it's so funny.

Crissi: I love staying home with the girls, even though it's tiring. It's nice to have family nearby too because they've been so helpful. Today Debbie (my mother-in-law) came over and watched the girls for a couple of hours while I went with our Young Women to the temple. Last week while Savannah was getting surgery and Dave and I were with her at Primary Children's Hospital my Mom watched Addie at her house. So we're very grateful that they help out, and also let us hang out at their house (both my parents and Dave's parents) when we're sick of being at home.

David: Dave is enjoying his job and doing a great job "cross-selling" to earn extra bonus cash. He gets competitive with himself trying to make more and do more loans than he did in previous months. As of last Sunday he's taking on the new challenge of Elder's Quorum President. He had some great training with the stake presidency and we have some good expectations for what sacrifices we're going to have to make to let David devote the time he needs to. He's wiling to serve so the Lord is taking advantage of his optimism and great work ethic.

Here are some pics-


BreAnne Kavanagh said...

Oh no why did Savannah have surgery?? I think Addie and Nate are going through the same phase right now of being louder and smothering their sibling :) I'm glad you guys are doing well, love the pics!

Tammy said...

How sweet! Great update :) miss you guys tons. I'm glad to hear savannah is doing better, sad it has been a little tough :(

Ryan and Melissa said...

So cute! I think she has almost caught up with Lucy who does not weigh much more than 16 lbs. I hope we get to see you soon!