Thursday, June 16, 2011


I love being a Mom. It's so fun to see each day how they learn, grow, and do such funny things. I love to watch Savannah make faces, each one is so different. I can tell when Savannah is crying from a tummy ache vs. when she's sad or wants to be in a different position. And that crazy little Addie, is a hoot. She is now infatuated with both Elmo and bubbles. She used to just demand to watch Elmo when she got up in the morning but now she wants to blow bubbles all the time too. And the way she says "bubbles" makes us laugh because she gets so excited, all her face muscles get tight, and her eyebrows raise up high while she says it.

Addie speech has exploded lately. A few months ago I could count on one hand the amount of words she actually used, now she's a little chatter box. Sometimes it still takes a parent's know-how to interpret what she's saying though. Her word for "milk" still sounds like "rock" and the way she says "marshmallow" is so cute. She used to only call Savannah "baby" and refused to call her anything else but now she calls her "Vannah." When Savannah starts crying Addie runs to me yelling about "Vannah, Vannah, Vannah!"

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Ryan and Melissa said...

Those are such cute pictures. The portraits turned out well too! You've got some cute girls! Love them!