Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Overnighter with the Boys

It's been a couple weeks now but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about our overnighter with Tyler (6), Sam(4), and Ben(2) (my nephews) at our house. Their parents needed a getaway for their 7th anniversary so the boys came to spend Friday night down in Provo with us.

Friday evening we had Dino-nuggets for dinner (our first time ever having those in the Farnsworth house) and then played some games like hide and go seek. By 9PM we were so tired and David couldn't believe that he too was being put to bed. Ben was so attached to Dave he wouldn't sleep anywhere else but in our bed. Tyler started out downstairs but by 9:30 he had a sleeping bag and was beside our bed. Sam lasted the longest and it was about 3AM before Sam got scared downstairs and Dave heard him crying. Dave brought him upstairs and he was soon fast asleep on the floor in our bedroom also. Overall I'd say we were actually pretty lucky to only have one in bed with us and we got at least 6 good hours of sleep.

After breakfast on Saturday we all walked to the elementary near our house. Tyler took the Australian boomerang from our house and was excited to try and get it to fly back to him. He and Dave tried quite a few times to make it return to them but I have to say that Tyler actually got the closest. Dave did come to his rescue though a couple times and got it out of the tree each time it got stuck.

I love to spend time with my nephews, they're the funniest boys. You couldn't find three more different kids in one bunch so they're a hoot to talk to and play with. Addie definitely had sharing issues and was always squealing when they tried to play with her toys.

We were all so tired after the park and we thought for sure the boys would be ready for a nap after lunch. Nope. Dave and I were ready for one though. When we waved goodbye to them at 3PM that Saturday afternoon I was relieved to only have one child again and I put her down for a nap and actually took one myself too this time.

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Ryan and Melissa said...

I can't believe how big Addie looks! I think it's the longer hair and more teeth. I swear I just saw you guys like 2 months ago! Fun pics and good times with the nephews1