Saturday, August 1, 2009

Outing to the Cabin

Last weekend we took at trip as a family (minus Carrie and Casey who are chilling it [literally because it's winter down under] in Australia) to our cabin for some family bonding time. Bonding activities included hamburgers, guns, fire, four-wheelers, some rousing games of horseshoes and more.

This was Addelyn's first overnighter so we were a bit nervous. She did great though, sleeping from midnight till after 8, only waking up twice to eat.

Evan, Lara's boyfriend had quite the exciting night as he tried to sleep on the porch of the cabin. It turns out there are ROUS's (rodents of unusual size) that have made the porch their nocturnal playing ground. Although these ROUS's are better known as wood rats they're actually pretty cute and look like oversized hamsters. I don't think that was a consolation for Evan though. My parents slept down the road on another side of the cabin property and when my mom found out about Evan's exciting night her consolation was that "next time we won't make you sleep on the porch." For his sake I hope he holds her to that.

After everyone slept in (except Evan of course) we had a great breakfast burrito brunch that my Dad made for everyone. What a great family we have!

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Ryan and Melissa said...

That sounds fun. I'm glad that Addie was a good girl. Love you guys!