Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Borrowed House

This is old news but we're finally getting around to blogging about it and posting some pics. It appears as if we've become professional house-sitters because we've now moved into our second house that is not our own. This is the Workman's house, a wonderful couple who is now serving a mission in the Kirtland Visitor's Center. The Workmans house is right up the street from Dave's parents so we've been very blessed to stay in the same neighborhood we've been living in for 2 years. We moved in the middle of June and will probably be here about a year.

A sincere thanks goes out to the Tirrell Family for helping us move all our stuff over here, and my Mom and sister Lara for helping us get it all organized and put away.

View from the front door

"Hometeacher Room"

"Living Room" with our AWESOME BYU chair Lara made us for our wedding


Family Room

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David and Jessica Clyde said...

I like the new place. We'll have to get together soon. Dave and I have been kind of sick, so we'll wait a little bit. But when we're better let's do dinner, or something fun :)