Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sun in Cabo

We can now enthusiastically recommend the weather in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sun is a beautiful thing when you've been in the alternately inverted or snowy Utah Valley. We couldn't have appreciated the warm and relaxing atmosphere any more than we did. We can't complain about the food either, all inclusive resorts are great for 24/7 cravings. Day 2 brought a date with Frida the dolphin. Luckily Frida was very well behaved and we didn't end up in an episode of "Dolphins Attack." Her trainer Alejandra taught us all about Frida and the other 9 dolphins at the Cabo Aquarium and led us through a whole routine of hugs and kisses with Frida, rides on her dorsil fin, dancing to La Cucaracha (her favorite song), and more. Day 3 was more adventure for David as he took a trip into a remote Cabo canyon. He spent the morning on a series of ziplines, repelling, rock climbing, and hiking. Unfortunatley they wouldn't let me and my round belly anywhere near the adventure so had to stay back at the resort and patiently bear a day at the spa. My hands, feet, and face have never been so happy with me before, they were spoiled. You can check out more of our fun in the photos we've included in the Picasa photo album (to the right).

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