Sunday, November 9, 2008

tissues, coughing, and germs

As you can tell, we have "invested" in some medicine. We like to call it an investment whenever we spend a lot of money. Crissi has had a bad cold this past week, and she stayed home from work on Monday. Seeing as we didn't have any good stuff to help with the "sneezy, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes, sore throat" symptoms, she paid a visit to Day's Market. We're hoping this medicine will last a little while... don't worry, I make sure Crissi only takes one dose at a time. And by the way those Flintstone's vitamins are for her too, not for me.

In other news, this Friday we went on a double date with Crissi's parents to the Jazz game. We witnessed the 1,000th victory for Jerry Sloan as the Jazz head coach. It was fun to witness that since it took him as long as Jennifer has been alive to get the 1,000th victory.

We also spent the weekend driving back and forth from Salt Lake because we borrowed Crissi's parent's suburban to get a table we bought off of the KSL classifieds for only $35. The table was a basic one that most apartments south of BYU have, but we need to start investing in furniture sooner or later. We just love to "invest."


Brad and Debbie Farnsworth said...

I hope it takes you a very long time to go through all that medicine. Crissi, we hope you are feeling better soon! It's not fun to be sick.....

Con amor,

Jared said...

Hey, you guys have a blog!!! Hooray! Hope you're doing well. Love, Christy and Jared (Young)