Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Midway Vacation with the Phillips

I have tons to catch up on. So I'm going to break things up into multiple posts, hopefully that will help me eventually come to the present.

We had a great pre-Thanksgiving vacation in Midway, Utah with the Phillips clan. It's become a tradition that we all stay in a condo at the Zermott Hotel around Christmas time and have a weekend of craziness and total fun. On Saturday we went swimming twice, we LOVE the pool at the Zermott. Unfortunately we snapped most the pics with Lara's camera so I have to get my hands on those, I'll work on that. For now I'll just post some of the few pictures I took.

Here's our grateful tree on the first day we put it up. We added lots of different hands and leafs with things we were grateful for and by the end of our weekend it was a beautiful and full tree. I think this might become a tradition, it was fun to create and remember all of our blessings. 

Addie and Mommy before Addie left for her ATV ride, all bundled up. 

Addie and Ben holding on tight. Uncle Evan was driving so they knew the importance of a tight grip. 

This is my parents' newest toy. It's been nicknamed the T-Rex. It's a four-seater sports vehicle that is street legal, has seatbelts & cushioned seats, and it's also wicked good at off roading. We're going to make lots of great memories with this new ATV.  

 Addelyn & Savannah hanging int he kitchen

Addie and Daddy, happy people. 

Tawnya and baby Madison playing picaboo.

Mom & Dad (aka Papa John and Grandma Rue)

Grandma Rue read us a story about a mitten that was left outside and all the animals climbed inside to keep warm. As she read the story our little animals (Josh, Ava, Savvy, and Addie) climbed inside a huge "mitten" that Grandma Rue sewed and brought with her. It was hilarious and very fun to watch.

 My Dad is a very wise person and he was sharing a story about when he and my mom were young and were stranded when the car broke down. My parents have done a great job at teaching us to be prepared for emergencies, they're great.

 Phillips Family

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