Sunday, December 23, 2012


December went by in a flash. We did lots of fun activities thanks to our Christmas countdown house (each day had some chocolate and an activity that we could do together). Some of our activities included: putting lights on the outside of the house and the bushes, making paper snowflakes, baking treats, visiting Santa, making ornaments, driving around town to see lights, making a special dinner together, and more. 

Here are some pics of some of our other fun. 

We love to get hand-me-downs from my cousin and her daughters. This was like an early Christmas for Addie when there were two sacks full of clothes from them, ready for Addie to take home. She excitedly took out each clothing item and pair of shoes and set them all out in a line for me and Grandma Rue to see. She was ecstatic when she found a Little Mermaid nightgown.  

Classic Savannah. She's such a cheeser. 

Savannah was pretty chill about sitting on Santa's lap. Addie wouldn't go anywhere near him. She wouldn't even stand near him to get a picture taken. 

  Addie and Savannah last Sunday, all ready for church in their festive red dresses.

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