Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cabin Pics, Finally...

It's time to catch up on the events of the summer. Hopefully I can do several posts to fill you in.

In June we returned from our trip to San Diego to discover that there were several major fires moving through Utah and one of those was called the Wood Hollow Fire. We hadn't heard anything about it. The Wood Hollow Fire tore through Sanpete County in the area where my parents' cabin is and they were about 90% sure the cabin was gone. For me, that 10% of hope kept me very optimistic. But within days we had photo confirmation that the cabin was gone, and I was so depressed. I felt such a sense of loss. A place where I had made so many memories was now gone, a place where I wanted to make more memories with my own family. My loss was emotional but I also felt for my parents whose loss was so much more than mine, emotionally and monetarily. And yet I still felt so much worse for those had lost their houses, I felt just a tiny bit of what they must have felt to lose all that they know, love, and live with every day. So sad.

About a week and a half later we got the chance to go see the cabin for ourselves. This is what it looked like:

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