Friday, May 18, 2012

Addie's and Savannah's Birthdays

We had a great (and exhausting) time celebrating Addie's and Savannah's birthdays. Addelyn turned 3 yrs old and Savannah is now 1 yr old. We decided to do a joint birthday party for them and it came to life in our Dragon and Princess Party. We played "Magic Carpets" (musical chairs played with towels instead of chairs) and went to the "Royal Training Camp" where our Princes and Princesses dueled each other and slayed the dragon pinata.

The party was a lot of fun, but with all the kids that came (about 15 little guests) I was a bit overwhelmed. I was shuffling kids from activity to activity, running around trying to fix broken swords and noodle loops (duck tape is a girl's best friend), and trying to keep kids happy. Through all of this Savannah was either held by her Grammy or else she was crawling around on the deck... which explains why she looks so dirty in all the pics.

It was a wild little party but the moms reported back that the kids went home and talked all about how much fun they had. Addie had a really good time too. She thought it was so fun to dress up and have all her friends come over. So in the end I guess it was worth all the craziness. Phew!

Here are some pictures from our birthday fun.

Addie, Aiden and Brennan.

This is our dragon pinata that Addie and I made. We couldn't find a rope at our house right before the party so we ended up using an extension cord (Dave's idea) to hang it from. It was pretty ghetto but the kids liked it.

Olivia and Addie playing with bubbles after the party (Addie is wearing the skirt Becca made for her).

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BreAnne Kavanagh said...

So cute! Can't believe our babies are 1 :) You're a brave momma hosting 15 little ones. Looks like they had a blast.