Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Savanah's Check-Up

I took Savannah to the pediatrician yesterday for her 4 month check-up. We were very curious what her new "stats" were since she's such a chunky little baby. So here it is...

Weight: 15.94 lbs, 78 percentile
Height: 25.5 inches, 75 percentile
Head circumference: 16.6 inches, 60 percentile

We thought she'd be in the 90th percentile for weight, but it turns out she's not as big for her age as we thought. Savannah's tummy also seemed to be acting up again. Her belly button was getting crusties like it used to before her surgery. So the pediatrician decided to cauterize it to see if that helps. We'll watch her for another week or so and if the tummy goobies come back then we'll have to take her back to the surgeon for some more diagnostics.

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Tammy said...

Wow! She is getting so big! And sad about the cauterizing the belly button! I hope she is feeling okay :(