Friday, June 3, 2011


We took Addelyn and Savannah to get their pictures taken today. The "we" is Debbie (my Mother-in-law) and I, and boy was I glad she was there. Everything actually went very smoothly, but I think that's due in large part to her help. With two kids it's nice to have someone else to chase a runaway Addie and haul the carseat around.

I have to say I was very proud of Addie, she did very well even though she was nervous about the whole thing. So without further ado, here's the link so you can view the pics of Miss Addie - PORTRAITS.

Once they post Savannah's pictures online we'll share those with you as well. :)


aunt nancy said...

Now I want to take my kids in for pictures!!
(But, a Naval officer would look pretty funny holding flowers and saying I am 34.)
Cute, Cute, Cute Adie! How do you choose which pictures to buy? Oh yea, they want you to buy them all.

Becca said...

So cute!!! I LOVE the picture when she's holding the A above her head. So darling! Can't wait to see little Savvy's pics! Darling!

Nate and KayLyn said...

The pictures are so cute! I would love to see your kids in person. Congrats on your beautiful baby.