Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is good

I haven't written an update in a while so I'd take this opportunity to write a blog post.

David has been enjoying the winning season for the BYU cougars. He other day he actually came to me and asked, "if I clean up the family room can I listen to the BYU game while I do it?" Of course I agreed to the arrangement (he usually just watches the game and I don't get anything for it, so this was a nice change). Dave has also been keeping himself busy in the evenings as a VITA volunteer, helping people file their taxes. On the weekends Dave has been rocking the Elder's Quorum basketball team. Last week in their game they only had five players so they had to play the entire game without subs. Dave was in his element and made 28 points. It was fun to watch him shine.

I on the other hand am not quite shining, just getting bigger and bigger by the day. I'm now 7 1/2 months pregnant and I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than I was at this point in the pregnancy the first time around. Oh well. I'm determined not to count pounds and not to worry about it at yet. I'll start worrying about it after I have a healthy, adorable baby girl. On another note, work is going well although stressful as ever. I keep waiting for things to settle down into a lull but they never do. I think I'm used to the craziness of it all.

Speaking of craziness, our sweet little Addie should be the next topic. She's a little ball of energy. She's talking more now, although it's not as many real words as we'd like. It's fun to hear her speak her little Russian language though, full of consonants. Her favorite words to say now are owl, apple, Mom, Dad, and yes. Yes is by far her favorite (we're lucky it's not "no"). She says the yes so clearly, putting the s on the end every time. It makes us laugh. She's also into buckles and zippers. If she finds one of those two things she wants to play with it non-stop. She has a little fanny pack that she loves to put on and off because of it's buckle. She also is starting to test her independence and she wants to dress herself.

Now to the good part... here are some fairly recent pics.


Aubrey Harris said...

Cute pictures, Crissi! I'm glad things are going so well and I'm excited for your new little girl! When you get a chance (which it sounds like you're pretty darn busy:), I'd love to see pictures of your new house! Love ya.

Evan and Lara Ricks said...

I love every single picture!!!! How did you get such a cute one? Addie that is, I know you thougt I was talking about Dave. We need to make a trip to your house. Addie's name and bookshelf look great. Why is Addie so adorable?!?!