Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Phew. We had a great time this Halloween but it sure was a lot of work. We have great neighbors who started out October right and "haunted" us by doorbell ditching us, leaving behind some cookies. Then a couple days later we got "booed" and got another set of cookies. Needless to say we had to return the favor to other neighbors. Unfortunately since I was too busy to bake some cookies, our neighbors come some nice bakery items from the store. :)

Next we had our great Mozy Sales Halloween party on August 21st. Addie got her first taste of trick or treating (from cubicle to cubicle of course) and I was surprised by how quickly she caught on to the idea. After 3 cubicles she was ready to snatch up a candy and put it in her little bag. Her two favorite types of candies to pick out were suckers and milk duds (I think she liked the little box they're in).

We had a great time at our other Halloween activities including Family Night with the Farnsworths carving pumpkins and a Phillips Family party. We had a great time at those parties and Addie thoroughly enjoyed the orange jello, marshmallows (a substitute for the sucker which was her first choice), and scary masks (she didn't actually enjoy those, but we did).

Addie dressed up as an adorable butterfly. And Dave and I dressed up as each other...

The Superman is by David, Jazz pumpkin by Ryan & Becca, smiley face pumpkin by Jenn and Tim, and the classic Jack O Lantern pumpkin was by Brad & Debbie (Grandpa & Grammy).

Grammy & Addie

Ryan, Becca, & candy corn Olivia

Lara is our Phillips photographer and took all our Halloween party pics so I'll have to procure some photos from her and post soon.

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