Friday, August 6, 2010

Addie's 1st Birthday

We had a great time on Addie's birthday. I took the day off and Addie and I went to Salt Lake City while David was at work. We went swimming at the Fremont pool where they have a great kids area that's heated and has lots of fun toys.

When David was off work he met us at Grandpa and Grandma Phillips' (my parent's)house and had dinner and let Addie eat her cake. She was hesitant at first but after taste testing the frosting she decided she loved the cake.

The next Sunday we had the Farnsworth get together and celebrated Addie Birthday. Grandpa and Grammy Farnsworth were out of town on Addie's birthday as was Uncle Ryan and Aunt Becca. Grammy (Debbie) made an excellent dinner and Addie opened some more presents. I'll try to procure some pics of that event for memories sake and post them.

Thank you to everyone who made Addie's birthday celebrations memorable and also to those who were so thoughtful and gave her presents.

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