Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lately one of our goals is to get Addie on a regular schedule, and that means a good bedtime routine. I'm one that has never been good at routines so it's my hope that as I try to keep Addie in a routine, I'll become better at it myself. As part of our routine before bedtime we go down to the laundry room and grab a basket. Then we walk through the entire upstairs and collect all the things that need to go downstairs with us for the night. By the end of our walk Addie is covered in cloths and toys. She loves it because things to grab and suck on are right in front of her.

After collecting our things we go downstairs for the night (where all the bedrooms are) and give Addie a bath. She's definitely a bath lover now. She loves to splash and does these little inhales every time we pour water on her belly. We'll have to post a video. After bath time Addie gets in her warm pajamas, we have family prayer, then it's to the crib she goes. So far we haven't gotten good enough that she goes right to bed. Her crying time is variable, between 15 minutes and over an hour. Hopefully she'll catch on soon that sleeping is better than crying and she won't cry so long. It's hard to not go pick her up.

David has also gotten better at his routines. He's been studying lately for the GMAT and got into the habit of locking himself in the office and concentrating for at least an hour per day. What a good husband/Daddy.

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Trevor, BreAnne, & Nathan said...

I like your routine:) I have been trying to create one too...baths are always a good one. Nate still isn't as fond of them as Addie is, but it sure makes him sleepy afterwards. I need to figure out a routine for him during my work day too!