Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby on the way...surprise?!

Well, it's not really a surprise, it's been more than seven months in coming now so we thought it was finally time to put something on our blog about it. We've had due dates of May 16th, 20th, and 22nd and it's finally come to rest on May 20th thanks to our decisive doctor.

The gender? I thought for sure it was a girl since I kept having dreams about a girl but I was also sure that it was probably my subconscious desire for a girl so my dreams were probably bias. David thought it was a boy. So of course we were very excited to see who was right. The day of the ultrasound I did a total turn and was sure it was a boy (probably to avoid disappointment and give me an escape in "I knew it"). Turns out's a girl! "Are you sure?" were the next words out of our mouth, we didn't want to be surprised a month later when it turned out to be a boy. But our doctor was sure, and at every ultrasound we have they continue to say yes to our "is it still a girl?"

Now, about halfway through May I'm thinking I'm ready to be done, but I still have 2 months left. Dave and I play the game of trying to guess who she'll look like and what mix she'll have; blonde or brown hair, blue or brown eyes, who's nose does she have...? I don't believe in ugly babies, I think they're ALL cute. So if she comes out looking like a monkey (which, judging by how much she loves to move, she very well might) then I'll still think she's the cutest baby in the world.

Till then, we'll keep you updated with her progress.


Jenn H. said...

Yeah Crissi!! I hope that the next two months go quickly for you, I know the feeling!! It was good seeing you a few weeks ago!!

Brad and Debbie Farnsworth said...

Crissi, you are adorable! We love monkeys!

Ryan and Melissa said...

She's a Farnsworth- of course she'll be cute!